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Assisting family owned companies to build strong
foundations for business success and security

Resolving relationship issues that affect business decision making.
Family relationship issues can threaten business stability. Identifying, understanding and resolving those issues creates an enduring basis of family unity, business success and satisfaction.

Planning strategically for business ownership and management succession.
Succession planning is sometimes complicated by difficult decisions and family stress. By applying proven succession planning models, families can transform a challenging process into an orderly and enriching experience.

Strengthening family communication to minimize business conflict.
Business conflict can be reduced by diagnosing and correcting family communication problems. Life in the workplace and at home is better when family members communicate without hesitation, suspicion or fear.

Instituting policies and practices to protect core values and strategic priorities in times of change.
When financial pressures or loss of leadership tempt a family business to abandon its core values and successful strategies, a clear mission and well-defined plans and policies help to maintain strategic direction and reinforce principles of family stewardship.

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